About BagWeaving

I feel called to weave.

It started as a hobby: Weaving bags and baskets. 

But instead of grasses and wicker, I chose plastics that most people consider trash.

I shudder to see mounds of garbage in landfills spanning the horizon, instead of trees. How about you? I want to help change this.

So, I started to gather up our family’s potato chip bags, coffee bags, and the plastic wrap around cereal and rice. Dozens of bags piled up in a few months. 

Rainbow tote woven with plastic bags

Turns out, with an iron and a ruler, you can fuse strips of plastic from snack packets into reed-like tubes or flat strips. 

Then, when you weave them, you transform how they look, and give them a new purpose. You get durable totes, baskets and bags.

Soon you start to come up with your own patterns. The items you make keep more plastic out of oceans, landfills, and trash burners. All you need are a few tweaks to traditional basket weaving processes. 

For me, weaving is peaceful and self-affirming. It’s creative. It inspires me to look around at what other people have done in other cultures to create useful and beautiful vessels. There are endless ways to twist and bend materials at hand to make something new. 

8 different baskets made from plastic packaging
8 different baskets made from plastic packaging

Free Course Invitation

As I rethink what it means to live and work, I feel a strong desire to connect with others in gentler, more encouraging way.

I see people around the world sharing their individual recycling efforts, and I want to join them. With you.

Weaving helps us feel more connected to humanity and less cut off. 

Now I want to build a community of people finding strength and purpose as weavers, teachers, and creators.

Let’s start together. Sign up for a free mini course on weaving with with plastic bags. Let’s see what we can do.

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Create a unique tote from everyday snack bags, step-by-step